Chapter IV Passer à l'action

The " player versus player"* game mode is the principal component of the competitive side of DRAKERZ Confrontation. For those who have a thirst for high level competition, league duels allow you to measure your progress in the regional and national rankings and to compete against players of increasingly higher rank.

* PvP

League competition

Leagues are at the heart of the ranking system in DRAKERZ-Confrontation. Players are ranked according to their victory/defeat ratio. Each player can view his or her ranking in the league to which he or she belongs. This ranking is global and updated in real time. Want to be in first place? Train and challenge the best!


You gain experience every time you win a duel, and accumulated experience raises your Drako’s level. Certain Drakkards cannot be played until your Drako has reached a certain level.
In the course of your duels, you will acquire titles that you will be able to add to your pseudonym.
Which one will you flaunt? The sought-after title of "Mahrayhve Grandmaster" or the dreaded "Loose Masterizer"?

A legend: yours

In the course of your duels, you will have the opportunity to discover a multitude of evolutions that you can use to customize the appearance of your Drako: spikes, claws, and ears to name but a few. Basically, victories are rewarded with "evolutions" that give a unique shape to your Drako. There are about 4,000 of these "evolutions" or "evos".

Upgrade to Premium and build your collection!

Collecting Drakkards is a game within a game. Will you collect your cards based on your Drako, and go after all the Felis, Goroks, or Meleons of the various expansion packs? Or perhaps you will develop a particular appreciation for the talent of a particular artist, and collect all of his or her illustrations.
The strategist’s collection aims at possessing them all... so as to compare the specific features of all of the cards!

Each collection consists of three expansion packs, and each expansion will move you forward in the DRAKERZ-Confrontation story line.

This is only the beginning!

DRAKERZ-Confrontation extends the experiences of the "player versus player" game:
face the Legendary Drakos alone against the computer, challenge your friends to friendly duels, advance in the league rankings, participate in tournaments...
Last but not least, thanks to regularly published new expansion packs, DRAKERZ-Confrontation promises you many hours of gaming, thousands of tactics to try and perhaps... glory!