Chapter I Bien démarrer

This section will help you get started in DRAKERZ-Confrontation. Here you will learn all you need to know to get off to a good start in the game, from basic rules to mastering the Drakkards, the cards used in DRAKERZ-Confrontation.

Step registration

Registration is easy: visit the registration page and follow the instructions. Registration for DRAKERZ-Confrontation is free, and there is no time limit! All you need to do is provide us a valid email address to confirm creation of your account, or you can connect using your Facebook account. In the latter case, your Facebook avatar will be linked to Drakerz Confrontation and you will be able to automatically import your friend list!

Be sure to use a valid email address to register; this address will be used to authenticate you each time you connect to Drakerz Confrontation or the game forum. This address will be used as a contact for any support requests and for purchases (Shop).

Capture Deck

How do you download the game?

All you need to do is log in to your account and follow the steps in the “Download” section.

Why register with

Registration is required in order to log in to DRAKERZ-Confrontation. It’s free, with no obligation other than to accept the General Conditions of Use.

Who can register with DRAKERZ-Confrontation?

Anyone can sign up for DRAKERZ-Confrontation. However, given that the DRAKERZ-Confrontation chat enables players to chat with each other, parental oversight may be advisable for younger players. For more info on how parents can oversee and control their child’s gaming, please consult a parental control advice site. DRAKERZ-Confrontation forums and chat are moderated. Note: anyone making offensive, racial or defamatory comments in chat or the forums may be subject to having their account banned or deleted.

Step installation

After downloading the DRAKERZ-Confrontation installer, simply launch
the application to install the game in the default directory (or select your own directory).

Finally, double-click on the game icon on your desktop or in the Start menu to launch the game. The DRAKERZ-Confrontation automatic updater* will then take care of the rest of the download.

* An updater is a simple-to-install piece of software that automatically manages the downloads essential to DRAKERZ-Confrontation.

Step Game updates

The DRAKERZ-Confrontation updater automatically downloads the most recent content and updates required to play the game. This guarantees that your game is always up to date and lets you use the latest features. The game is automatically updated every time you launch the game.

Take advantage of the download time to learn to play using our YouTube channel.

StepThe FREE Deck

There is no cost for your first virtual deck. It consists of forty virtual cards that will enable you to start playing.

The FREE deck can only be used in virtual mode; the augmented reality mode using real cards is reserved for premium players.

Become a premium player now!

Step Enter the Drakerz universe

In DRAKERZ-Confrontation, you play the role of a next generation Drakoneer, a Drakerz whose most loyal ally is his Drako.

Plan your tactics, select your cards, and put the finishing touches on your deck and you will forge your personal legend among the brave!

DRAKERZ-Confrontation offers rich and varied content to those who want to play standalone or who want to duel. The essence of the game is in the combat you wage against other players and the computer.
In standalone mode, you’ll compete against Legendary Drakos in an epic quest to become one of them. It’s an honor and a privilege... many are called, but few are chosen!

Do you have what it takes to compete? Fight and progress in the leagues to be ranked in the global rankings of DRAKERZ-Confrontation!