General terms
and conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as " Terms" ) are concluded between the company PEOLEO , located 14 , avenue de la Marne , 59200 Tourcoing ( hereinafter , " PEOLEO ") and the user, such identified during the opening process user ( hereinafter "User" ) are relatively the game DRAKERZ ( hereinafter , "the game") , available at http://www . ( hereinafter "the Site" ) .
As a guide, the description of the Game is: Game is a collectible card game is playing on computer (PC with webcam) . The heart of the game is based on the confrontation between two virtual creatures called " Drakos ". These duels , the " Drakos " User will grow, gain levels giving them access to more powerful cards and advance user in the standings duels .
The " Drakos " are materialized on the actual office of manipulation by the user via a webcam one of six special cards, called " cards invocation Drako " by a character . Other cards Game used to trigger the effects of the Game
Collection and research of the rarest and most powerful cards by card exchanges between users are also an integral part of the Game
Finally, the user has the ability to customize its Drakos . Indeed, each 3D model Drako can be customized with 3D elements that can moreover affect in combat. Customization is done via Drakos challenges in the Game
PEOLEO offers to the User on the Site, two modes of participation possible in the game:
Free mode;
Paid mode, called "premium mode."
Under the free mode, the user has a set of virtual cards. Users under the free game mode , can play but with restrictions in relation to the pay mode including:
it can not redeem their cards;
its gain experience is limited;
the level of its " Drakos " is stuck at 10 of 30 levels;
the player only has access to maps provided free.
Under the charge mode, the use does not have the above limitations . Counterparties are specified during the registration process in the context of the description of the offer and may change as and improvements and changes to the Game
In charge mode, the User can also buy "extensions" to the game , such as, for example only reserved for user cards have opted for the pay mode .
Use the Game, whatever type you choose, free or pay mode is governed by these Terms ( Appendix 1).
The contractual relationship between the User and PEOLEO are governed by these Terms and the rules of the Game, which may change depending on enhancements made ​​by PEOLEO the Game

The use of the Game is open to individuals over the age of eighteen ( 18) years or over the age of majority in your country of residence or more than ten ( 10) years having obtained authorization his legal representative (parent or guardian) and according to any limitations specified at registration .
Thus, when a minor is registered on the Site , PEOLEO then reserves the right to ask for everything in writing minor at any time of the parental permission.
To access the game , the user must have an Internet connection. The cost of the Internet connection remains entirely the responsibility of the user.
Use the Game, regardless of the selected mode is determined by the opening of a user ( hereinafter "the Account" ) account and requires from the user a full acceptance of the all these Terms.
The User agrees to abide by these Terms .
Any use of the game to Terms is prohibited and punishable pursuant to Section 8 of these Terms .


The user is prompted during registration to provide personal information , which will then identify and facilitate secure access to and use of the Game Game
To create an Account, User must complete the following personal information :
The user has the option to register using your Facebook account . If you register via a Facebook account , the User is solely responsible for meeting its obligations vis-à -vis Facebook . In case of conflict between the terms and conditions of Facebook and these Terms , the provisions of these Terms shall prevail in all cases .
Personal data and other information submitted by the User PEOLEO should be accurate, complete and current .
Account management and personal information is only on the Site.
The act of creating an Account, download the game on the site and check the box " I accept all issued by these Terms of Use" at the bottom of page rules outweighs the full acceptance of User of all the rules set forth in these Terms .

Upon registration , the user is prompted to choose a name account ( or login) and password used to identify when using the Game
The account name is not visible to other players.
When registering , the user must also choose a pseudonym. The nickname is different from the account name . The nickname is visible on the forums and in game The pseudonym identifies the user as a person . The user is known by his pseudonym by other users .
The account name ( email of the player ) and the nickname must consist of a pronounceable word in French, for example the word " dfgiopplm " does not satisfy this requirement.
The User agrees to choose a name and a nickname Account available and lawful . He agrees not to choose a name and an alias account that may affect any intellectual property rights , trade name, or personality rights of third parties.
The account name and the pseudonym created by the user must also not :
refer to a political orientation , ethnicity , community , religion,
vulgar or insulting ,
have a sexual connotation or pornographic,
contain the name and / or surname of the User,
refer to a drug product or other entity permitted by French law ,
resemble or imitate the names of characters from the game Background ( non-player characters , the hero of the story ... )
imitate or resemble the name of a moderator or a member of the Company,
be spelled or spelled alternately in order to circumvent the rules imposed above,
combining the first and last name of the user , such qu'assemblés so they contravene the rules laid down above.
The User agrees to choose a password and personal and confidential password to assume sole responsibility .

3.3.1 . SAFETY

To ensure the security of its account and to avoid the theft of an account , the User agrees to:
Not to disclose to third parties the Account name , password and secret answer ;
Take all necessary precautions to prevent third parties can not access;
Take all measures to prevent a third party accessing the account that the user has activated , even unwittingly ;
Do not give access to its account to a third party ;
The loan, share , exchange, donation, purchase, transfer and sale of accounts is prohibited . Any loan, share , exchange, donation, purchase, transfer or sale of accounts will not be binding upon the Company and may lead to sanctions under Article 8;
Do not play on the account of a third party ;
Use a personal email address and not share this email ;
That the Company can easily contact the User for any reason whatsoever, via their email address.
The User acknowledges sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his Account name and password , as well as their uses.
The User is therefore solely responsible for the use of his Account. Any connection or transmission of data using its password will be deemed to have been made ​​by himself and under his exclusive responsibility.
To protect the personal and confidential nature of his access , it is recommended to disconnect from his account at the end of each session by clicking "Logout" or similar words .
In case of fraudulent use of its account and / or password, or any loss or theft of the password , the User agrees to immediately inform PEOLEO .
If you forget the password , the user tells it on the login page of the Private Area by clicking on the " Forgot Password ". In this case , the User must inform his Account name and receive the electronic informed when registering an email indicating a new password here.
Account security is solely the responsibility of the user and PEOLEO can not be held responsible for that damage his or her computer account due to loss or shared identifiers for its account .
PEOLEO can in no way be held responsible in case of theft of an account or any alteration that may stand Account.
The User also acknowledges that it is presumed to be the User 's Account and responsible for actions taken through its Account and its Account.
The User acknowledges that it is responsible , not PEOLEO all electronic communications and content sent from his account and he must use the Game in accordance with the laws .


PEOLEO offers on its website the charge mode Game, and the purchase of " extensions " of the Game
The user can subscribe the user fee or purchase of "extensions" Game on condition of having enrolled and have opened an account in accordance with the provisions set out in these Terms .

4.2 . ORDER

The user , having made ​​his choice, confirm the order and choose a shipping method .
PEOLEO only accept orders placed directly on the site commands.


Tariff conditions and pay mode "extensions" Games applicable are those appearing on the Site at the time of signing the pay mode or purchase extensions Game exceptions, rates are set in euros and VAT (Any Included tax) for France and the Eurozone. The site is open to the world area , the total price may vary depending on where the user is located .
They do not take into account the exchange rate and any costs associated with a particular mode of payment.
PEOLEO reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice. The User will be notified by any means of these rate changes . The new rates will come into force upon their creation for new users or for new registrations or new purchases for existing users .
Payment by the User will wholes online payment via a secure page. Banking User information is not provided to PEOLEO and are not stored on its servers. The bank sends a payment confirmation validates the control PEOLEO .
The invoice for the payment of the User will be emailed to the address provided by the User upon registration . User agrees that invoices will be sent electronically . If the user makes a request in writing , PEOLEO address requested by mail invoices .
If the User believes that his bill is wrong and / or wishes to make a complaint , they should contact PEOLEO in writing within 7 (seven) days from the date of the invoice in question to be eligible for a credit or adjustment of the invoice.
The User acknowledges that all payments made by the Site, for himself or anyone he represents, are with the permission of the owner of the means of payment used .
The User acknowledges and agrees that PEOLEO is in no way responsible for fraudulent payments made on its website . If it appears that the user has made ​​a fraudulent payment, that is to say, without the consent of the means of payment , PEOLEO reserves the right to banish his account and engage lawsuits that s ' imposed against him.
Similarly, if the user has submitted its credentials to a third party conduct a fraudulent payment, PEOLEO can then take the same sanctions to him.


Shipping of paying cards are automatically calculated based on the weight of the items and are charged " postage due " ( their exact postage cost ) .
All packages are shipped via Parcel Force . There are several options for shipment to France .
* PRIORITY LETTER : for small packets under 250g, shipping LETTER rate. The shipment usually has a delivery time of 48 hours and is delivered without a signature . No insurance on the content or tracking number.
* COLISSIMO : beyond 250g, 48h time guaranteed , no signature at reception included insurance ( limited to 23 € / kg)
* COLISSIMO RECOMMENDS : Same as Colissimo plus a delivery against signature and minimal compensation ( in case of loss by the Post Office) 50 € .
PEOLEO proposes to ship the order to the user regardless of the country in which he wishes to be delivered. The shipping rate varies depending on the delivery area but also in terms of weight and volume of the shipment. Warning: transportation risks are covered under the condition that the user has checked the goods on arrival and has exercised , if appropriate, its claim against the carrier within 48 hours.
The average time for receipt of orders is 24 to 72 hours from the time PEOLEO received the payment . The maximum processing time up to 7 (seven) days in case of exceptional influx of orders.
At each stage (validation of the order, receipt of payment , shipping packages) PEOLEO warns the User by email of the progress of their order. It is therefore important that the email address is valid .
If upon receipt of the order, PEOLEO finds that products requested are no longer in stock, PEOLEO contact the User by email to propose a new date of shipment or refund the order.



Upon delivery, the user must check the parcel . If the User has doubts about its status ( open or obviously damaged packaging ), it can either deny ( a refund will be made upon return ) apply its provision at the post office , where it will open before an authorized agent and see if there was the flight and complete statements of use. It may prevent PEOLEO its difficulties by email .
The findings of spoliation that are required for compensation and / or replacement of the product can occur.


PEOLEO informs the User that Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code provides for a withdrawal period of 7 ( seven) days from the receipt of the package , in case of a distance contract .
The user has the option of returning to PEOLEO products received within 7 (seven ) days of receipt of the package, whatever the reason and without penalty , except for return shipping costs . When the period of 7 (seven) days falls on a Saturday , Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day.
To receive a refund , products must not be unpacked and cards must not have been registered by entering their code.
The User PEOLEO contact by email to notify him that the detailed return procedure.


If seven (7) days after receipt of the email confirming the shipment of the order , the user still has not received anything , he contacted PEOLEO by email .
PEOLEO will research the tracking number of the order. If it is still reported in distribution PEOLEO invites the User to move the claim from the post office (with a tracking number ) . If undelivered, PEOLEO explains to the user how to proceed to obtain reimbursement of the value of the package (depending on the chosen insurance ) .


Each paid card ( under the pay mode or "extensions" has a unique code to identify its source. Users registers its charge cards by entering the code in the Game Code guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness cards.
Users are free to share and sell cards to pay other Users . PEOLEO did not intervene in these exchanges and sales charge cards. PEOLEO therefore not be held responsible in this regard.


The User is obliged to observe the rules of conduct and , in particular to preserve the gaming experience of others. The User is subject to all the rules of good behavior and respect for others first and where the rule of law are binding on users . The user is thus required not use the Game including :
- Transmit any content that justify certain crimes , including murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity;
- Transmit any content pedophile character ;
- Send or transmit any message whose content is unlawful, harmful , threatening, abusive , harassing , defamatory, vulgar obscene, threatening the privacy of others , hateful, racist , anti-Semitic , xenophobic, revisionist or otherwise objectionable;
- Infringe any way to minors;
- Transmit any content contrary to public order and morality ; - Transmit any content that by its nature undermine respect for the human person and his dignity , equality between men and women and protection of children and adolescents;
- Transmit any Content that would constitute, without that what follows is limited incentive to carry out crimes , incitement to suicide , incitement to use drugs or prohibited substances , of incitement to commit terrorist attacks , of incitement to discrimination , hatred or violence because of race , ethnicity , religion or nation, false , false rumors ; infringement the authority of justice, trial , disclosure of information about an individual tax situation dissemination outside authorized conditions surveys and voting simulations relating to an election or referendum ; defamations and insults d infringement of privacy , or acts endangering minors including manufacturing , transportation, and distribution of messages to violent or pornographic or likely to cause serious harm to human dignity ;
- Transmit any content reports or inciting cruelty to animals ;
- Forge headers , official or not, or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of Content transmitted through the game ;
- Collect or store data to create a database of the Game or the users of the Game;
- Send any message that the User is not authorized to distribute content including by legislation or legal act ( including internal, privileged , confidential information learned or disclosed as part of an employment contract or a confidentiality agreement that this list is not exhaustive ) ;
- Transmit any message whose content infringes any patent , trademark , design and pattern filed , trade secret, copyright, intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others, personality rights ;
- Access or attempt to access the account of another user of the Game;
- Send any message to unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements ;
- Send any message that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software , computer system or telecommunications equipment without this list being exhaustive;
- Transmit messages inciting or permitting any act of hacking or circumvention of technological protection measures (" crack ") or information / statements on intellectual property rights ;
- Interfere with or disrupt the game , servers or networks connected to the Website , or disobey any requirements , procedures, general rules or regulations applicable to networks connected to the Site ;
- Violate, intentionally or not , any local law or regulation, national or international law and the limitations contained in these Terms ;
- Impersonates or to impersonate another person or entity , including an official representative of PEOLEO , a facilitator and / or director of the Game;
- Harass in any manner whatsoever another or several other users of the Game;
- Provide information referring to other websites (whether by creating hyper- text links, or by simply providing information) whose content is likely to contravene any law and regulations , and in particular would likely to prejudice the rights of persons and property, and / or intellectual property rights ;
- Engaging in infringing PEOLEO statements , its officers and / or employees ;
- Infringe in any manner whatsoever to the image and reputation of PEOLEO , its officers and / or employees ;
- Distribute or spread false rumors , including transmission of " junk mail ", " chainmail " or other similar transmission;
- Use the Game for promotional purposes and generally offer products and services for commercial purposes ;
- Collect, store and disseminate personal data about other users or any third party .
The User agrees not to insult , threaten other Users or employees PEOLEO or make racist , offensive , abusive , discriminatory or contrary to French , European or international .
The User also agrees not to send "spam" , the "flood " of commercial offers of any kind to other users ; cheat, steal accounts , characters or objects an Account or attempt to do so, threaten, embarrass or harass other users by any means whatsoever; make available to other Users personal information about himself or another User , collect information in the Game
The User agrees not to create , use, distribute any undistributed by PEOLEO program and can be used to modify the characteristics of its Account or that a third party could adversely affect servers or infringing interests of PEOLEO .
The User agrees not to use loopholes , bugs or any other form of error to obtain benefits involved Similarly, the User agrees to immediately notify PEOLEO if it finds a fault or an error in the game ( Article 15).
The User acknowledges that the Site and the entire contents of the Game are the exclusive property of PEOLEO pursuant to Article 11 hereof. Therefore, the User agrees not to sell or barter any object from the game , except in the context of trade " in game " allowed by the rules of the Game
The User agrees not to trade items from PEOLEO creations and not to promote such activities infringing the rights of PEOLEO . PEOLEO will make every effort to prevent such sales. Only PEOLEO and accredited partners can sell such items. 6 . TERMS OF USE OF THE GAME

6.1 .
The User acknowledges that cheating , hacking and unauthorized software by PEOLEO have the effect of distorting the Game It is therefore prohibited to the user to create or use " cheats / hacks " programs to collect information , scripts or macros to automate actions such as "bots" , the " packet- sniffing " or any other program not authorized by PEOLEO .
6.2 .
The User acknowledges that the use of hacking tools other users or servers Game is prohibited.
6.3 .
The User has no right to change the game ( with the exception of the application updates the game ) .
6.4 .
The User acknowledges that the use of other techniques of connection provided by the official client PEOLEO is prohibited.
6.5 .
The User agrees not to host servers Game and participate , organize or be involved in an attack against the servers of the Company.
. The User agrees not to spy on and intercept communications protocols that PEOLEO used, or use an interceptor data or protocol.
6.7 .
The User is not authorized to use the game in a way that could make it inaccessible, damaged or inoperable . 6.8 .
In general , the use of game shall not violate regulations and national and international laws .


7.1 .
Accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms , PEOLEO informs the User that it respects the confidentiality, integrity and security of the data it may have to send it through the Site or the Game
Any personal data identifying the user directly , including: name, postal address , email , telephone , or indirectly by legislation are considered confidential and are treated as such.
Opening an account is subject to the completion of processing personal data which is responsible PEOLEO , that the User accepts .
The processing of personal data of the user has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) under the receipt number : 1620373 . PEOLEO performs the updates to the CNIL declaration if necessary.
The data collected from the provision of this information by persons wishing to enter the Game
The data may be used for the purposes of managing operations at the site including access and use of the Game
Subject to proof of identity , the User has the right to access, modify , rectify and delete data concerning him or by going to their account or by writing to the address PEOLEO following e , or at the following mailing address : 14 avenue de la Marne. 59200 Tourcoing .

7.2 .
For statistical purposes, PEOLEO may be required to collect navigation information through the use of cookies. Acceptance of these cookies is required for any subscription , free or paid .
PEOLEO also reserves the right to collect certain information: - related to the computer of the user (IP, ISP, hardware configuration, software configuration) - related to the game ( historical log of all data exchanges log and historical connections ) .
PEOLEO may use this information for any purpose, including to improve the gaming experience or monitor compliance with the terms of these Terms .
All information on servers can be used for PEOLEO not perform any type of control for prevention and punishment.


8.1 .
In case of breach by User of any provision of these Terms and rules of the Game, PEOLEO reserves the right to terminate or limit without prior notice and at its sole discretion , use and access to the Game in its Account and sanction under the Game
8.2 .
The penalties depend on the severity of the violation. They may include, without limitation , and depending on the decision of PEOLEO in the following actions :
Warning : The warning has no direct effect on the Account . Users can continue to play without change. It is primarily to warn that risk if he continues to violate the rules of the Game larger penalties
Account suspension of one ( 1) day : The suspension of one day account is generally used when the first substantial breach of the rules of the Game This is the first level in the applicable scale suspensions Account .
Account suspension of three ( 3) days suspension Account 3 days is usually used in cases of recurrence. Account suspension 3 days can make it clear to the user that incurs real risk by not complying with the rules of the Game
Account suspension of seven ( 7) days : Suspension of Account 7 days is the most severe sanction before the final closure of the Account. It is usually applied in cases of serious misconduct . When an account is suspended for seven days , the User must absolutely and definitively adopt best behavior or risk being permanently banned .
The final suspension of Account: The account is permanently closed , the user can no longer access . This penalty is usually applied in cases of recurrence or serious or unforgivable breach of the rules of the Game
8.3 .
PEOLEO reserves the right to apply any sanction to an Account , given the seriousness of the violation, without warning or impose a penalty of shorter duration in advance . User agrees that these sanctions are final and that the user can not in any way challenge the decisions PEOLEO .
8.4 .
PEOLEO also reserves the right to modify the Account names and nicknames , not complying with the rules set out above as well as those who are deemed unsuitable by PEOLEO . PEOLEO may if necessary temporarily or permanently access the Account suspend without compensation .
8.5 .
In addition to the penalties described above , the Company may take the necessary sanctions , including initiating civil and criminal proceedings against the offender .
In any case , in case of non performance by the User of any of its contractual obligations, PEOLEO may suspend access to all or part of the game , until the complete fulfillment of its obligations , also PEOLEO has the right to terminate the TOS after sending the User a notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt unheeded within eight days of the item, without prejudice to any damages and interests that may be requested .
As a result of this termination right , access to all or part of the Game will be deleted, the account will be closed and a new application for registration may be blocked.
Such termination shall be without prejudice to any liability , civil or criminal , which the User may be on the part of public authorities, third , or PEOLEO .


PEOLEO undertakes, under an obligation of means , to use its best efforts to ensure the proper functioning of the Game, subject to full compliance with its contractual obligations by the User.
PEOLEO does not warrant that the functions offered by the game will always be available or no typographical errors , technical or otherwise, that defects will be corrected or that the game or the servers that host are free of viruses or bugs.
PEOLEO strives as far as possible to maintain accessibility to the game but is under no obligation to do so. PEOLEO can interrupt all or part of the access to the game , especially for reasons of maintenance, correction and upgrade. Access may also be interrupted for other reasons, including technical or legal .
PEOLEO does not provide non- intrusive in the content of users .
PEOLEO provides game as it is published . PEOLEO therefore reserves the right not to publish the game and therefore interrupt the game permanently , the User will be notified by any means. PEOLEO may also permanently interrupt the game in case of cessation of activity.

The User agrees , under an obligation of result , to comply with the terms hereof.
The User agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with its use of the Game , including those concerning the protection of personal data and those related to intellectual property.
The User is solely responsible excluding PEOLEO all activities taking place from his account and all his actions in the Game
The User agrees not to use the information from the game for purposes other than for personal or professional purposes to his professional prospects, excluding any use for public communication or for advertising purposes , except in special prior agreement PEOLEO .
The User agrees to indemnify and hold PEOLEO , representatives, employees, partners , and / or any third party against any damage, claim or demand by third parties arising from the use of the Game This warranty covers payments that would possibly due as well as attorneys' fees and court costs within reasonable limits .


PEOLEO is not responsible for any failure in the performance of the Game and Game changes that may occur especially considering the quality of the internet and / or technical configurations.
To the fullest extent permitted by regulations, PEOLEO and its partners are not responsible for the quality and compatibility of the game to specific uses that users do.
PEOLEO shall under no circumstances be held liable for any interruption of access to all or part of the Game and / or the Site during operations to correct, update or maintenance of the Site and the Game and any other damages result to the user, such as loss of the level reached by the user in the Game
PEOLEO can in no way be held responsible for any use not in accordance with these Terms Set .
PEOLEO not be held liable in the event of termination of the Game edition
In cases where the responsibility would be engaged PEOLEO , repair will apply only to damages, whether direct , personal , certain and predictable , excluding , without this list being exhaustive , damages and / or consequential damages and / or intangible , such as financial losses , commercial, operating losses and turnover, loss of data ...
In all cases commitment of responsibility PEOLEO due to the execution of these Terms , regardless of the nature, grounds and / or procedures , the parties agree that the responsibility of PEOLEO is limited to the amount of price paid by the User PEOLEO under different extensions Game purchased and / or subscription to pay mode conducted under these Terms , excluding costs, even if the damage would prove superior.
In any event, PEOLEO not be held liable for any fault or is wholly attributable to the User responsibility to a third party or upon the occurrence of an event of force majeure.
In all cases where liability PEOLEO may be undertaken, any action or claim whatsoever shall be instituted against PEOLEO more than one ( 1) year from the date of the breach committed by PEOLEO .


The names, images , logos or other marks on the Site ID PEOLEO , its partners or third parties or their products and services, including the Game, are protected under trademark law content and / or the right to author in France and abroad . Unauthorized reproduction is constitutive of civil and criminal copyright infringement.
The general structure, editorial content , images, audio, video , multimedia , text, photographs, icons, software, databases used, and all other materials on this Site are protected under copyright , related rights and / or sui generis database producer , as well as international conventions.
PEOLEO , its partners or third parties are the sole proprietors of the aforementioned intellectual property rights on all materials on this Site and provided by PEOLEO in the Game
The User undertakes to respect these rights .
For this reason, and under penalty of criminal prosecution, unless express agreement PEOLEO , the User specifically agrees not to:
- Reproduce, modify, publish , adapt, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, all materials on this Site and the Game ;
- Carry out any breach of computerized systems used for the provision of the Game, including any intrusion or attempted intrusion ;
- Carry out any operation of reverse engineering of all or part of the Game;
- Compile , decompile or disassemble any part of the game ;
- Modify or create programs developed on all or part of the game , including correct errors ;
- Distribute and / or distribute copies of all or part of the Game;
- Remove or delete all references and / or any proprietary information present on any part of the game ;
- Sell , lease, sub-lease or transfer in any manner whatsoever to a third party the Game
Subject only to the restrictive application of statutory exceptions , any use, reproduction or representation total or partial , distinctive signs or materials on this Site without the prior written permission of PEOLEO , its partners or third parties, is prohibited and constitutes civil and criminal copyright infringement.


11.1 .
PEOLEO reserves the right to modify all or part of these Terms . In all cases , the Terms will be regularly adapted to meet legal and regulatory requirements. These new terms and conditions will apply to the user once it has expressly accepted.
. To improve the gaming experience , PEOLEO reserves the right to make updates and changes to the game (the " Updater " ) . For these updates and changes are effective and that the user can continue to play the Game , the User agrees to install the Updater.


The Terms shall take effect on the date of acceptance by the User under the conditions defined above.
The minimum commitment is three months .
At the end of this period, the TOS are renewed by tacit agreement for the same duration as initially subscribed by the User, except:
- Termination by either party without any reason of termination is required for either the User or to PEOLEO ;
- Finding new TOS , replacing those maturing .
The User may terminate prematurely registration directly online on the Site.
Users who during the contract , decide not to have the game , but acknowledges having executed the obligations it stipulated to PEOLEO including pay the agreed price .


Each party agrees to notify the other in writing of any substantial change in its status ( including address , etc.). .
The User agrees to make these changes on the Site directly from their account .


14.1 .
If one or more provisions of the TOS is held to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court , other provisions shall remain in full force and scope .
The parties agree to replace the clause declared null and void by a new provision which will bring the most, in terms of its content and as to the balance of the clause, that initially stopped.
UGC linking the User PEOLEO are personal, non-transferable and non-transferable .
14.2 .
For questions , information, the User may contact PEOLEO by:
Mail to the following address: 14 avenue de la Marne. 59200 Tourcoing .
Telephone ( local rate call ) 33 (0) 3 20 46 49 49 .
14.3 .
In the event that the User reasonably suspected breach of security , including loss , theft or unauthorized use of his password or any other issue related to the security of his account , he must immediately notify PEOLEO . PEOLEO can then reset his password or the secret answer and propose solutions to improve the security of its account . PEOLEO can also block access to the account in question, the time to investigate. At the end of the investigation, PEOLEO resolve the dispute , in its sole discretion.
15 . LAW

The Terms are subject to French law.

I have read and I fully accept all the rules laid down by these Terms of Use

Conditions Générales