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1 . Paid Game mode and purchase of "extensions" Game
1.1 . Prerequisite: enrollment
PEOLEO offers on its website the charge mode Game, and the purchase of " extensions " of the Game
The user can subscribe the user fee or purchase of "extensions" Game on condition of having enrolled and have opened an account in accordance with the provisions set out in these Terms .
1.2 . order
The user , having made ​​his choice, confirm the order and choose a shipping method .
PEOLEO only accept orders placed directly on the site commands.
1.3 . financial conditions
Tariff conditions and pay mode "extensions" Games applicable are those appearing on the Site at the time of signing the pay mode or purchase extensions Game exceptions, rates are set in euros and VAT (Any Included tax) for France and the Eurozone. The site is open to the world area , the total price may vary depending on where the user is located .
They do not take into account the exchange rate and any costs associated with a particular mode of payment.
PEOLEO reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice. The User will be notified by any means of these rate changes . The new rates will come into force upon their creation for new users or for new registrations or new purchases for existing users .
Payment by the User will wholes online payment via a secure page. Banking User information is not provided to PEOLEO and are not stored on its servers. The bank sends a payment confirmation validates the control PEOLEO .
The invoice for the payment of the User will be emailed to the address provided by the User upon registration . User agrees that invoices will be sent electronically . If the user makes a request in writing , PEOLEO address requested by mail invoices .
If the User believes that his bill is wrong and / or wishes to make a complaint , they should contact PEOLEO in writing within 7 (seven) days from the date of the invoice in question to be eligible for a credit or adjustment of the invoice.
The User acknowledges that all payments made by the Site, for himself or anyone he represents, are with the permission of the owner of the means of payment used .
The User acknowledges and agrees that PEOLEO is in no way responsible for fraudulent payments made on its website . If it appears that the user has made ​​a fraudulent payment, that is to say, without the consent of the means of payment , PEOLEO reserves the right to banish his account and engage lawsuits that s ' imposed against him.
Similarly, if the user has submitted its credentials to a third party conduct a fraudulent payment, PEOLEO can then take the same sanctions vis- à-vis him.
1.4 . transport
Shipping of paying cards are automatically calculated based on the weight of the items and are charged " postage due " ( their exact postage cost ) .
All packages are shipped via Parcel Force . There are several options for shipment to France .
* PRIORITY LETTER : for small packets under 250g, shipping LETTER rate. The shipment usually has a delivery time of 48 hours and is delivered without a signature . No insurance on the content or tracking number.
* COLISSIMO : beyond 250g, 48h time guaranteed , no signature at reception included insurance ( limited to 23 € / kg)
* COLISSIMO RECOMMENDS : Same as Colissimo plus a delivery against signature and minimal compensation ( in case of loss by the Post Office) 50 € .
PEOLEO proposes to ship the order to the user regardless of the country in which he wishes to be delivered. The shipping rate varies depending on the delivery area but also in terms of weight and volume of the shipment. Warning: transportation risks are covered under the condition that the user has checked the goods on arrival and has exercised , if appropriate, its claim against the carrier within 48 hours.
1.5. Time and availability
The average time for receipt of orders is 24 to 72 hours from the time PEOLEO received the payment . The maximum processing time up to 7 (seven) days in case of exceptional influx of orders.
At each stage (validation of the order, receipt of payment , shipping packages) PEOLEO warns the User by email of the progress of their order. It is therefore important that the email address is valid .
If upon receipt of the order, PEOLEO finds that products requested are no longer in stock, PEOLEO contact the User by email to propose a new date of shipment or refund the order.
1.6. guarantees
1.6.1 . Parcel in bad condition
Upon delivery, the user must check the parcel . If the User has doubts about its status ( open or obviously damaged packaging ), it can either deny ( a refund will be made upon return ) apply its provision at the post office , where it will open before an authorized agent and see if there was the flight and complete statements of use. It may prevent PEOLEO its difficulties by email .
The findings of spoliation that are required for compen
sation and / or replacement of the product can occur.
1.6.2 . Withdrawal period and return
PEOLEO informs the User that Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code provides for a withdrawal period of 7 ( seven) days from the receipt of the package , in case of a distance contract .
The user has the option of returning to PEOLEO products received within 7 (seven ) days of receipt of the package, whatever the reason and without penalty , except for return shipping costs . When the period of 7 (seven) days falls on a Saturday , Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day.
To receive a refund , products must not be unpacked and cards must not have been registered by entering their code.
The User PEOLEO contact by email to notify him that the detailed return procedure.
1.6.3 . Undelivered parcel :
If seven (7) days after receipt of the email confirming the shipment of the order , the user still has not received anything , he contacted PEOLEO by email .
PEOLEO will research the tracking number of the order. If it is still reported in distribution PEOLEO invites the User to move the claim from the post office (with a tracking number ) . If undelivered, PEOLEO explains to the user how to proceed to obtain reimbursement of the value of the package (depending on the chosen insurance ) .
1.7. Using Pay cards
Each paid card ( under the pay mode or "extensions" has a unique code to identify its source. Users registers its charge cards by entering the code in the Game Code guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness cards.
Users are free to share and sell cards to pay other Users . PEOLEO did not intervene in these exchanges and sales charge cards. PEOLEO therefore not be held responsible in this regard.

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