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  • 31 May On the test bench. Par RatDog
    Drakosim Réalisé en Flash, bien loin du rendu final mais très utile.
    Home, Drak'Team, Jeu

    Comrades, I salute you! I’ll bring my keyboard today to denounce a drama that takes place in total ignorance. Deep in the cellar Drako-held periodically test sessions. Under this designation innocent hide the basest human exploitation, forced testers and subjected to barbaric conditions. But why so much suffering? The goal is simple: Drako test for whether

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  • 24 May Keep your driver licence with augmented reality Par Cluster

    Your licence driver points melt like gelato in the sun? The removal of radar panels in the coming holiday departures will make you definitely miserable. You have two possibilities  to avoid investing in a car without a license and trigger at the same time mockery of your “friends”. 1) If you’re feeling a Stéphane Hessel of the road,

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  • 20 May Community Manager ? What the truc ?! Par Nabolo

    “Yo yo yo! The new sound of Drako! There’s the atmosphere?! It’s hot in the place?Stand up arms, all with me! ” My name is Nabolo, and I am the Community Manager DRAKO. My job is just that of a driver’s room, except that this time in my room, there is one. But let me light your lantern, friend-player on the

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  • 17 May Drako in the belly of the beast. Par RatDog
    Home, Jeu

    That some time that many items you put water in your mouth extolling the qualities of graphic and technical Drako. But like a child before his Kouign-amann birthday, you expect one thing: to know what these packages contain gift wrapping paper covered with the most beautiful effect betraying his mysterious origin in gold letters: Auchan. It’s

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