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  • 30 Aug Gerrard, developer and blameless Par Nabolo
    Home, Drak'Team

    Today we focus on the only foreigner on the team, to whom the team owes its DRAKO-Creole touch: the exotic Gerrard, imported straight from Belgium (but very nice). – Gerrard who are you and what do you especially? – It’s a real question? Eh! But you type everything I say?! – Yes. Gerrard, can you

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  • 26 Aug The Brãhve and Grav ‘ Par RatDog
    Home, Jeu, Versions

    The Brave and the Grav Hello Dragon Riders. Some of you expressed the wish to learn more about the story mode of Drako. This is your lucky day lucky little band, I’ll talk about what the Brave ‘, burn’ and how everything is integrated into Drako. Sit down, I will tell you the “it-was-a-time” of

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  • 23 Aug Urban Melon : the interview ! Par Fu
    Home, Drakkards

      It’s been a few months I will show you the pictures of the future maps of the first extension of DRAKO here, here and there yet. This week, the youngest team illustratueurs DRAKO offers us a small interview. Urban Melon aka Sylvain Decaux, pays homage to his teachers. Men marked, nay, bruised generations of

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  • 19 Aug Drako Riders Felis, Meleon et Gorok ! Par Fu

    You, me. Somewhere, a Drako us. Invisible to men. Contrary to the adage, a Drako, we must believe to see … Believe in what? But the existence of such a creature! Because Drakos exist. The evidence of their existence are most often right before our eyes. The Drakos inhabit the dreams of men since time

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  • 16 Aug Code code codec Par RatDog
    Home, Drak'Team, Jeu

    Hello world. In the morning warm and sunny (I try autosuggestion), I will talk code and gamedesign. For this I ask for help at the Belgian our coders, I appointed Gerrard! – “Hi Gerrard” ‘Read’ – “It’s great, we’ll be able to describe to our millions of fans how we work together to create the

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