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  • 29 Jun 175 x 63 x 88 : anatomy of the cards Par Amiral
    Home, Drakkards, Jeu

    1 m²! No this is not the surface of a playing card Drakerz but almost:) 175 cardboard rectangles 63 mm wide and 88 mm high … 1 m! Four square corners, black borders, the pride of the illusion: the card game! For most observers, the design of playing cards will not be a surprise and

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  • 26 Jun Of Goroka do you want in here … Par Amiral
    Jeu, Versions
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  • 21 Jun Les ‘modifiers’ du Felis Par Fu

    La semaine dernière vous découvriez le character design du Felis, notre lion-dragon-guerrier-mystique… mais sympa quand même. Aujourd’hui, j’ai persuadé l’Amiral* de me laisser publier quelques roughs des modifiers du Felis.  

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  • 19 Jun Modifiers of Meleon Par Fu
    Home, Versions

    Since the article on “modifiers” of Felis, we received a large number of letters of our Facebook fans. Among the many questions we were asked, we selected that of Natalie P. “I read the article on Admiral Meleon and I’m a fan of his work. But one question I am dying and haunts my nights:

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  • 15 Jun A Challenge by Yoshka. Par RatDog
    Home, Jeu

    Hello, everyone! With the tournament in full swing, we have the opportunity to see more good deeds. Remains the most impressive turnarounds last minute … Still at the expense of a player overconfident (no nickname will be quoted). To access (or at least stay) at the top level, I propose today an exercise in the tradition of

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