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What is the minimum configuration necessary to play Drakerz-Confrontation?

PC Core 2 duo
2 GB of RAM
1 GB free disk space
3D, 512 MB graphics card
Webcam 640 x 480
Windows XP SP3
Broadband Internet connection

i5 core processor
4 GB of RAM
2 GB free disk space
1 GB 3D graphics card
Webcam (640 x 480)
Windows 7
Broadband Internet connection

Where can I download Drakerz-Confrontation?

Details for downloading and installing the game can be found here: download DRAKERZ-Confrontation

I’ve installed the game but I’m being asked for an account to log in.

You need to create an account in order to play DRAKERZ-Confrontation; create your account here.

Do I need a camera to play Drakerz-Confrontation?

No, you can play DRAKERZ-Confrontation without a webcam in "virtual cards" mode. If you want to play with physical cards in augmented reality, you will need a webcam.

Is there a charges for the Drakerz-Confrontation game?

No, the game can be played free of charge in "virtual cards" mode. Only Premium cards require payment (for playing in augmented reality). There is no subscription for DRAKERZ-Confrontation.

Where can cards be purchased?

In the SHOP area of our website (click here) or in our network of partner shops.

Order from the website

I’ve placed an order; How long will it be until I receive my order?

It usually takes no more than four days to receive your cards by mail. Cards are shipped from France, delay depend of the country where you live.

I’ve placed an order; where can I review my order information?

You can find all of your information in your account. Log in by clicking on the link at the top right of the Drakerz website.

I’ve placed an order, paid by check or cash, and have not received my order.

Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment.

I placed an order and have not received my order.

Please contact customer service at customers@drakerz.com.

Technical support

I’ve installed the game but I’m unable to update it or download it via the launcher.

Do you have administrator rights to your Windows account? Check the help sections on the forum. The answer to your problem can probably be found there.

The game launches but crashes at any given moment.

For all technical problems, please check the help sections on the forum.. The answer can probably be found there.

My camera is not recognized.

If your camera works with Windows, it will work in the game. If that is not the case, please post your problem in the forum.

The game does not recognize my cards (or has trouble recognizing them).

Make sure the room in which you are playing is sufficiently well lit, there is not too much reflected light on the cards, and the camera is not too blurry. If you cannot see what card is on your screen (for example, it’s too blurry), chances are the game can’t either. Check the camera’s calibration via the game’s graphics options menu (press ESC).

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