Felis the immortal

Like lightning, Felis never strikes in the same place twice. Swift in tooth and claw, Felis attacks sunder the sky, armor and your opponents. With verve, fury and tenacity, Felis knows how to be patient when it comes to schooling opponents. Weaken? Never. Fail? Impossible! Even when mortally wounded, Felis can come back from the brink and punish his opponent! Felis regenerate health points when their health drops below a certain threshold.


Guardian of the Animal Kingdom


Patience, tenacity


The gift of regeneration


Felis regenerate health points when their health drops below a certain threshold.

Hereditary Cards

"A master drakoneer and his felis are one body, one soul. if a strike makes him lose the reins in flight, then the rider was unprepared. or he simply forgot to wear his gauntlets."

The words of master oki ‘the furious’, non-numbered extract from the drakowãhr

Advice on Felis Drakerz

A Felis demands respect. A power emanates from it that humbles even the proudest. Don’t think that you can pose nonchalantly in front of your Felis to attract the attention of Drakoneers... A different kind of of lightning bolt awaits you.
The Felis is a sensitive monster. Its Drakoneer will have to take care to brush its coat regularly, if he or she wants to avoid incurring its wrath.

If the heavenly feline has a reputation for being a prude, it’s because it refrains from revealing its fangs in a wide smile. A Drakoneer standing before a Felis is just a two-legged steak standing before four-legged jaws.
A well-developed sense of smell can prove to be useful when one wants to become a Felis Drakoneer. If a putrid scent rises from your zealous feline, you can guess that perhaps your companion has not returned entirely from the dead...