Meleon the elusive

Due to their natural concealment abilities, Meleons are feared and fearsome fighters. One might think a Meleon would be content to disappear, only to strike where and when the opponent expects it least. But that doesn’t take into account the Meleon’s ‘playful’ nature. Meleons take great pleasure in gaining victory through surprise attacks, master strokes, or simply through apparently insane maneuvers.


Guardian of the Plant Kingdom


Cunning, unpredictable


Knows how to melt into its surroundings


Meleons may draw extra cards at the start of their turn.

Hereditary Cards

"Those who try to tame a meleon are as crazy as the beast they seek.."

The words of master milo ‘the four-fingered’, non-numbered extract from the drakowãhr

Advice on Meleon Drakerz

The relationship you maintain with a Meleon must be based on absolute trust. You will be bound, body and soul, to your Meleon - though not to the point of making out. That’s for later. The Meleon’s agility has no equal when it feels free. Avoid hindering the Meleon’s movements while it travels. Attention: more than with any other Drako, learning the Meleon’s body language is vital... getting crushed in a reptile’s armpit is not very glorious, so take care not to let that happen.

The Meleon must get some pleasure out of every situation it shares with its Drakerz. In training, as in the arena, you must hear it laugh... and if your Meleon’s laugh sounds like a funeral dirge for your opponents, so much the better. A Meleon is unpredictable and dangerous. But so funny... except to others. Whether hunting or fighting, the Meleon is daring. For the Meleon, going belly up after a risky attack is part of life. Make sure that this is your philosophy too.