Gorok the powerful

Strong as a rock, that’s the Gorok. But sensitive, too... To cracking and tearing and dismantling! The Gorok is a giant bruise-maker in a world of heavyweight louts. A heart of stone? Yes. But between a Gorok and his Drakoneer is an unbreakable bond. Your Gorok would do anything for you: dismember a few opponents, use their bleached skulls for drums, or fill up the arena with his molten battle-roar. Because that’s what Goroks do.


Mineral reign guardian


Reckless, impulsive


Deals out earth-shaking blows


Gorok its harder whenever its fury is full

Hereditary Cards

"One should not stare at the sun...
Nor at gorok in its fury."

The words of master fabi wan ‘the teary-eyed’, non-numbered extract from the drakowãhr

Advice on Gorok Drakerz

Do you dream of slamming your flaming fist of vengeance into your opponents’ teeth? Hesitate no longer: the Gorok is your ideal Drako. Simply make sure that you aren’t allergic to soot and that you can stand the smell of burning. Advice to recruits: stoking your Gorok’s Fury to grill sausages is not a good idea! When you become brothers in arms, you can expect to warm your fingertips next to your Gorok, not in front of it. To better grasp the fine points of the psychology of your Gorok, ponder the improbable crossing of an Aztec pyramid with a shrieking meteor. You’ll have to grasp one or the other: the revelation will be striking, to the point of detaching your retinas, your gums or any other part of your anatomy not meant to be detached. It will sting a little, of course. And that’s just the beginning...

Survival tip: Never tell your Gorok that it’s fat. Massive, awesome, colossal, yes. Saying it’s had a few too many "lava milk shakes" is pushing it. But never "fat"... or you’ll find yourself in big trouble, Drakerz that you are. The Gorok is as sensitive as it is... imposing.