Official Tournaments
Drakerz-Confrontation official tournaments

Drakerz Confrontation official tournaments take place every day. You can’t miss them!
The victors receive numerous rewards!

Continuous tournament functions and how to qualify for the annual grand finale:

Bronze tournaments


schedule All day
Entry fee FREE!
Prizes 1st: 2 silver tokens + 210xp League
2nd: 1 silver token + 140xp League
Other: 20xp League

Silver tournaments


schedule Every Saturday 4PM - 9PM - 10PM
Entry fee 1 silver token
Prizes 1st: 1 silver token + 2 gold tokens + 1020xp League
2nd: 1 silver token + 1 gold token + 680xp League
Other: 100xp League

Gold tournaments


schedule Last Sunday of each month.
Entry fee 1 gold token
Prizes 1st: 1 gold token + 2 platinum tokens + 3450xp League
2nd: 1 gold token + 1 platinum token + 2300xp League
Other: 510xp League

Platinum tournaments


schedule First Sunday of each quarter
Entry fee 1 platinum token
Prizes 1st: 2 platinum tokens + 12 900xp League + access to the final
2nd: 1 platinum token + 8600xp League + access to the final
Other: 2000xp League

Champions’ finale


schedule fixed schedule
Entry fee By invitation
Prizes 1st: Surprise! But it’s huuUUUuuge
2nd: not too shabby, either :)

official tournaments