Chapter III Passer à l'action

My First Deck

A deck is a pack of cards that you put together in order to compete with other players. The composition of a deck depends on what cards you have in your collection. Select cards from your collection that support your strategy. For example, for an offensive strategy, you would give priority to cards that can inflict damage (Weapons, Spells, etc.), and you would choose defensive cards to implement a defensive strategy. Interruption cards allow deployment of countermeasures. There is no single strategy; there are an infinite number of winning combinations. It’s up to you to find the playing style that’s right for you!

In DRAKERZ-Confrontation, a deck consists of 40 cards. The FREE Deck is enough to get started. It contains eight types of cards (Weapon, Armor, Fury, Tactical, Spell, Fury, Interruption, Upgrade) some of which are common, and others rare.


A deck consists of 40 cards chosen from your collection.
The first player who is unable to draw another card loses the game!

Playing together

In DRAKERZ-Confrontation you will come across thousands of other players with the same goals and interests as you, who like or hate the same things you do.
So don’t hesitate to talk to them: it’s easy to make new friends in DRAKERZ-Confrontation!
How do you introduce yourself? How do you start a conversation? Fortunately, talking in DRAKERZ-Confrontation is easier and less formal than in the real world. Conversations during play generally take place in text mode.

You will see public conversations posted by other players in the "DRAKERZ" window. If you wish, join a conversation in progress or start one on a new subject.

Remember that every player is a person... and whatever his or her title, civility and courtesy must be maintained during the chat! If you see that another player is causing the chat to become negative, don’t hesitate to contact a moderator: he or she will take responsibility for restoring order and good spirits to the community!

You can also check out the lobby, which is extremely social. It lets you converse with your friends and other players. Public discussion threads are open to everyone; players are categorized there by geographic location: World, Country, and Region.

You can join or leave these threads as you see fit and all players can take part in them. The purpose of having discussion threads is to provide players with appropriate channels for certain topics such as exchanges, tournaments, and duels.

You can also create your own private chat room. The main advantage of a private chat room is privacy: only people within the private chat room can view the conversations that take place there.

Different types of duels

After the dueling tutorials, you can challenge the computer’s artificial intelligence in order to develop your combat skills. These training duels have no bearing on your standing and do not affect your statistics, so take advantage of them! Once you feel tough enough, confront the Legendary Drakos in "history" mode to gain legendary evolutions, exclusive powers and experience.

Ready to do battle with a non-artificial intelligence? Challenge a player or a friend in a friendly duel, a league or a tournament!


DRAKERZ-Confrontation is a turn-based game. Players play one after the other and each turn is divided into phases that always take place in the same order.

Starting the game

The Starting Hand:
Both players draw six cards to create their Starting Hand. Cards are drawn randomly from each player’s 40-card deck.

Initial positioning in the arena:
During their turn, each player positions their Drako within the placement circle. You may position your Drako anywhere inside this circle.

Keep an eye on the timer:
players have a limited amount of time to complete each phase!

Starting scores
Each Drako begins the game with the same combat stats. Its Health points start at 2,000, its Weapon at 100, and its Armor and Fury Pool are both at 0. Each Drako has 6 Mana at the start of the duel.

First Player Draw:
The player who goes first does not draw a card during their first turn. After that, each player draws a random card at the start of their turn.