What is Drakerz confrontation ?

Drakerz and Drakos. Alongside these mythical creatures who are part dragon, part chimera, players contend in epic duels in order to inscribe their names in the legend of Oniris, the world of dreams. That’s the short answer. If you are looking for more specific information on DRAKERZ-Confrontation, this page is for you!

a card game... in augmented reality

Games like DRAKERZ-Confrontation are known as TCGs, or “Trading Card Games.”

Online trading
card games

Collecting DRAKERZ-Confrontation cards is at the heart of our gaming experience. Each card has a special effect to be discovered. From creating armor to protecting your Drako to casting a spell to snaring your opponent, the tactics and choices are infinite. Will you be a daring attacker or a cunning defender? It’s up to you to develop your own strategy by selecting the cards that will create your ideal game. Drakerz Confrontation is played online: you must be connected to the Internet to play. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play alone; in addition to the multiplayer mode, Drakerz Confrontation offers a variety of duels against the computer.

In augmented reality

Drakerz Confrontation is the first ever tactical card game in augmented reality for PC. Most other TCGs are played either with “virtual” cards or with “real” (paper) cards. With Drakerz Confrontation, you get to enjoy the best of both gaming experiences. In playing with your “real” premium cards, you will experience novel sensations, half way between a board game and a tactical card game. Point scoring and card cost is managed entirely by the computer, freeing you to concentrate on what’s essential: combat.

As for your virtual cards (FREE mode), they are accessible via your account regardless of the computer you are using to connect. Last but not least, Drakerz Confrontation can be played without a computer!

...in a magical and fantastic universe...

Oniris is a world where magic and fantasy come to life. Oniris is a parallel universe, known since time immemorial to those initiates of the "waking dream," the Drakoneers... now it is only remembered in our legends.

Today, the electronic eyes of our cameras enable us to regain this gift, to see Oniris and the creatures that populate this world... This is not a coincidence: a new generation of Drakoneers is being recruited because Oniris faces a great threat!

Is it a war song or a moan being heard from the nightmare lands? What happened to the Legendary Drakoneers and their Drakos, the protectors of Oniris? And what happened to the great Dragon, the first among the Drakos?

Drakerz Confrontation plunges you into the heart of an epic quest, rich in adventures that are part of the extended universe of DRAKERZ.

Fight and advance in Drakerz’ leagues and global rankings to become the best... Forge your legend! Will you have the power to keep the dangers that threaten Oniris at bay? Will you have the guts and daring to become a Legendary Drakerz?

...where you have a Drako as an ally!

The first step in playing Drakerz Confrontation is to choose your Drako. There are six species of Drako. As a Drakerz, you can “ride” any of these extraordinary beings. But choose carefully: each type has its own abilities.

TIPS: In Drakerz Confrontation, you will be able to choose the name of your Drako. This name can be seen by all players and cannot be changed later. Choose it wisely!

...and wield Drakkard powers!

  • SPELL cards: Whether immobilizing your opponent, striking them with a magic attack or caring for your Drako, Spells allow you to master drakonic magic.

  • FURY cards: These cards order your Drako to attack with its Fury, sometimes even increasing its power. Lava bursting or lightning unleashed: that’s the power of Drako attacks!

  • INTERRUPTION cards: These cards disturb the flow of an opposing Drakoneer’s magic, and are useful for stopping attacks and disrupting your opponents’ strategies!

  • EQUIPMENT cards: These cards dispatch Armor, Weapons, Fury or Tactical equipment. Send in the big guns!

  • UPGRADE cards: These cards materialize combat Glyphs capable of upgrading your Equipment or destroying that of your opponents.

What is
drakerz-confrontation ?

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