Trouver un adversaire

You will always find a duel in DRAKERZ-Confrontation, be it against another player or against a computer opponent.

  • Training mode

    Play against computer opponents on 3 difficulty levels. This is the perfect game mode for testing decks or for mastering movement and tactics. Duels played in this mode do not affect your league standings or stats.

  • Automatic search

    This feature lets you prioritize finding an opponent in your league whose level most closely matches yours. You may uncheck the league option so that the automatic duel does not affect your league score

  • Manual search

    Used in the lobby or in chat, this feature enables you to select your opponents based on certain criteria, such as being on your friends list or being in a certain geographical area.

Manual search via the lobby :

illustration recherche via lobby

Manual search via chat :

illustration recherche via tchat illustration kawaii